Dec 062016

To be frank, absolutely we have no idea how much it cost to fix or replace a damaged laminated floor until we were into the actual scenario where the contractor showed up at our apartment and billed us such tremendous amount of money doing a job in less than an hour.

Due to the leaking fridge, we ended up spending too much money for the floor repairs. We didn’t realized that it caused much floor damaged already in the apartment where we previously lived. The good thing is we learned from that experience, from broken dishwasher because of low quality, cheap fridge, laminated cheap floor being installed by developer. Everything seems cheap except the location which primarily causes the property buyer in paying such huge amount of money. Imagine for 2 bedroom condo cost $460,000 for about 800 sq. ft. size.

Anyway, too much for the rant about its property cost. Would you like to know how much we paid to the contractor fixing that floor damaged? Hmmm…$350.00! In less than an hour he finished the job! Isn’t he overcharging us? And mind you, the materials are ours.

Damaged laminated floor

Folks, we’ve moved on already. Meaning, we had left this apartment where we lived for years since we arrived in BC. The next update is where we currently relocated after this episode of our life. Now, I can only conclude that life is truly a maze!

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