Jul 302016

I remembered the very last time I acquired my old glasses from back home 5 years ago. On the day I did my eye examination, exactly the same day I got my powerful eyeglasses. Isn’t it that super-fast? And that eyeglasses became part of my blogging routine through thick or thin throughout the years. Oh, how sweet! I definitely will miss it starting from my new acquisition. However, before I will let it totally move out of my sight, I will humbly reveal its cost. It is only $35 sharp including the frame and the lenses. And yeah, such cost is not new online.

 My New Prescription Glasses

The 10 day waiting moment is at last over. My new pair of eyeglasses is now in my good hands waiting to be utilized enormously and maximize its deepest potential whatever there is. I purchased it for 388 Canadian dollars from one of the stores at the nearby shopping centre. In that full price, the lenses and the frame are included together with its lifetime warranty. Despite of that complimentary lifetime warranty that covers primarily the free adjustment, screw replacement, etc., I am sorry to say that I still find its price over expensive. Truthfully, buying prescription glasses in the Canadian market is way more costly, and not only I can testify that. I have read the article somewhere that it is mainly because of the low competition.

Furthermore, regardless of the above the head cost, yet I am grateful that my husband’s Insurance plan covers the whole expense. Now I can devour once again the world as I can lucidly see everything with my new pair of glasses. What a wonderful blessing after the wait!

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