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Surrounding oneself with good books is an additional gem to the life surrounded with good people.  Speaking of good books, Soul Shifts is one of them that you can rely on to inspire and uplift,  transform life radically, and to give you at all times the vibrant energy that you need. Do you think that is achievable through Soul Shifts? Oh yeah, I can guarantee that. You just have to absorb the teachings and bring it to real life.

Honestly, I love reading this book. In fact, I read it over and over when I need some uplifting words to bring me back to focus and continue to where I am heading to.

FYI, Soul Shifts  is from the #1 New York Best-Selling Author  Dr. Barbara De Angelis

Soul Shifts Book

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The Structure of Soul Shifts

Part 1.  Gateways to Authentic Awakening- You’ll learn about why real transformation can only happen from the inside out and how there’s nothing missing inside of you.

Part 2. The technology of Transformation-  You’ll learn why both modern science and ancient spiritual texts say the same thing:  that you’re in fact  a vibrational being, and  how everything that happens to you is a vibrational experience.

Part 3.  Soul Shifts for Practical Spirituality- This section offers powerful Soul Shift techniques that will guide you to connect with, and live in and as, your highest not just some of the time, but all of the time. It will explain how you may be sabotaging your happiness without realizing it, and how can instantly recalibrate your consciousness to your most enlightened self no matter how you’re feeling or what’s happening.

Part4. Living Your Soul Shifts - You’ll discover how to live your soul shifts. You’ll learn about your soul accomplishments and your own cosmic curriculum and any practices that will open your heart and uplift your spirit.

Teachings that have Enourmous Impact on Me:

“Instead of waiting for something to open you, open yourself first. Only then will be able to receive what is there to be received.”

“What You Can See, You Can Shift”

“There is nothing we are missing that we need to get. We just need to remember what we’ve forgotten.”

“Don’t take your cake of consciousness out of the oven. Keep baking. Baking seals the wisdom into your soul, so that once it’s in, it can never be removed.”

“To change what is on the surface, find the source, and change things from there. Go within, beneath the surface to the root, and everything else will change.”


Favorite’s Soul Shifts Mantra: 

“Today I am going to see what there is to see, to feel what there us to feel, and to know what there is to know.”

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