Jun 152015
outdoor plants

Husband and I both love plants. As the summer’s spirit has started drifting in then time to get the balcony ready for the official arrival of summer season. We are just super excited if what life lies this summer.

In BC we have  started feeling the hotness already since last month. I can tell that every year is really different. Last year, as I remember, by spring season like this moment there was a lot of rain pouring into my footsteps while I was taking the kids to school. However, this year is converse and we are happy for the change.  I don’t know about the other people if the feeling is alike.


Getting the Balcony Ready

A few days ago we went to the nearby store to purchase some plants to place to our humble balcony. Our balcony gets life only during summer and the rest of the season it has been neglected. Well, I am pretty sure you know why folks. 

So have you started beautifying your terrace, patio, deck or balcony already? Ours? Here pretty much ready! I am showing you a couple of plants we brought home after the thorough search from the close by store.

Lovely Outdoor Plants


As you can see, the plants/flowers enliven the dry balcony we have.  The top one we bought it for $20 while below is $29.99. Hmmmm… I find these costly you know, that is why I told my husband that hopefully they would last for the entire year which I know very impossible to happen.

Now, after all the cleaning and beautification, there’s one thing lacking to make things complete. What would that be? Please scroll down a bit.


Lovely Outdoor Plants for Summer

What’s Lacking in Our Balcony



The simple outdoor essential in the image is what’s missing to make our summer fun begin.  I wish we could get one soon.

What do you think about my flowers? Aren’t they lovely and worth with the price?

  10 Responses to “Added Outdoor Plants to Our Balcony”


    Your plants are lovely. What a nice way to add a pop of color.


    I love balcony life. It’s possible to bring the outdoors up!


    Oh golly your outdoor balcony is making me dizzy, I’m afraid of heights. Your flowers are stunning. I live in an apt in the city that used to be an old country store. I don’t have a yard which is why I decided on this apt above all others (Abs allergic to some grass), so I’ve been adding potted plants along my patio or whatever you call it. I bought a small concrete bird bath and put out some small bird feeders and hummingbird feeders and I have all of the wildlife visiting that I would have if I had a lawn.


    What a nice idea. I was thinking of doing the same thing to our back patio. Definitely makes things look nice and green!


    That plant is beautiful! I just wish I had a balcony!


    That adds so much vibrancy and life to the area. What a great idea to spruce up the balcony.


    The plants look beautiful, I think they always add a nice touch to any room. Good luck with them lasting long!


    Love this idea … we container garden on our deck.


    Thsi si just lovely adding natural plants to a balcony is a great idea and so beautiful.


    They are lovely. I have to say, I wouldn’t pay that price, however, that is because I tend to be a plant murderer. My mom has given me some lovely plants in the past, and I end up killing all of them.

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