Apr 102015

The Best Way to Dry Your Hands

Did you know that the drying method of your hands matters? According to Mark Wilcox, MD, hands that are wet or damp that just washed can still carry bacteria and viruses that won’t be removed until hands are completely dry.

In the Journal of Hospital Infection where the three popular drying methods of hands have been tested, mentioning, jet-air dryer, warm-air dryer, and paper towel, revealed that among the enumerated methods, paper towel is the cleanest choice. Wondering why? Please read the comparison stated below.

Best Way to Dry Hands

Jet Air Dryer

jet-air dryer



This method of hand drying guaranteed to dry hands and really, really fast, however, according to the result of Wilcox study, jet-air dryers spread more than four times as many microbes through the air as regular warm-air dryers because of its design. “The high velocity air blows bacteria upward, which may hit your face.” Wilcox says.





Warm-Air Dryer

Warm Air dryerSince this type of machine blows air with less intensity compared to jet dryer, therefore lesser airborne germs will circulate. However, the bigger problem according to Wilcox which I absolutely agree based on my experience when going to the mall sometimes. And the problem is a lot of people get impatient waiting for their hands to dry and end up wiping them on their pants –which can move microbes to their clothes.

Paper Towel

Paper Towel dryer

Although paper towel is not the most environmentally friendly answer, but according to their study, paper towels spread 27 times lesser bacteria than a jet-air dryer. Therefore, using paper towel is the cleanest option to dry your hands.

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    This is some really great food for thought. I really enjoyed reading your post.


    Aw man.. the Dyson air blast dryers are my favorite! They’re so much fun… I suppose paper towels make sense, but I still love my hands getting jet dried!!


    I tend to prefer paper towels.

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