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Spring break was over just a week ago. As usual, the vacation lasted for two weeks and our kids had so much fun. I admit, the spring break will be costly if the parents will enroll their kids in a variety of outdoor activities like the spring break camp, which normally run for a week from 9am-5pm and cost almost $200, actually it varies in location and the activities to be tackled. There are also short sport activities and arts schools that await for the children. This year’s Spring Break, we didn’t enroll the kids in any paid Spring Break programs, so  if you are a mom, I am pretty sure you can imagine how busy the days are when you are with the children.

In order to get rid of the kids’ boredom and avoid hearing phrases from them such as “I am so bored mommy, what shall I do?” Well, mom must take action. Despite of the presence of legos, books, etc., yet they still want my attention. Sorry, television and gadgets (like tablet, etc.) are prohibited for babysitting our children at home.

One of the boredom eliminators I did for them is baking. Please refer to the images on how fun they executed every step of the way.

Spring Break Activity: Baking

Our kids both love to cook, they often uttered to me that they’ll join the Canada chef when they grow up. They become inspired when they saw the kids on television cooking and having fun.

This time I let them make donut and cupcake. They do the beating of the eggs, measuring and mixing the ingredients, till pouring of the batter into the baking pans.

Spring Break Children Activities


I was amazed that they don’t complain about the weight of  the hand mixer they used here because I usually do complain when I use it, due to the heavy weight. These kids, they don’t want to stop beating. lol! In fact, it appears  so much fun for them. ha ha ha!



Spring Break Activities Coquitlam

In here (above image), they don’t care when they cross their hands while filling the holes. 



Children Baking

The kids are pouring seriously the batter into the donut pan to avoid spillage.


Spring Break Children Activities


And here are the results of their hard work. Hmmmm… The pans don’t look that so messy brought by the  spillage. hehehe.

You know they were so proud of their work. Good job kids!

  19 Responses to “Spring Break Activity: Little Chefs in Action”


    Getting the kids involved in cooking or baking is awesome. It is fun plus it teaches them life skills that they will need later!


    It looks like they had so much fun, I think my niece would love to bake also.


    Cute cute cute! I think they did a great job. Teach them young!


    Your kids are really cute. They are such wonderful helpers as well.


    I love having my little one in the kitchen. It’s both bonding time and teaching time!


    How cute is that! Their confections turned out looking great!


    Such good little bakers!


    Love the kids cooking this is great educational experience for team work and learning easy recipes to cook when they grow older.


    We did some cooking and baking ourselves over spring break. They kids had a blast as did I.


    Nice to see children interested in cooking! Both of them look adorable..


    Time in the kitchen with the kids was and still is one of my favorite things to do with them. Nice side by side chatter and yummy foood too


    I love activities that help kids feel proud of themselves!


    My kids love to help out in the kitchen also. Definitely great life skills.


    It is an awesome and productive activity for your kids, keep on teaching them to cook they might become the next Food Network’s Iron Chef.


    Looks like a lot of fun! Your kids are adorable!

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