Apr 292015

Inspires to plant, but there’s no piece of land to start planting? You are not alone folks! Nowadays, we don’t necessarily need to own a land or yard to enjoy the spirit of planting. If you are living in a high-rise apartment which usually has just a small patio to only house small stuffs such as table and a couple of chairs, and even hardly to accommodate the barbecue that we so love to do during summer time, then, gardening or planting the thing that you are enthusiast could be hampered.

However, in some point, there are several remedies to bring planting alive despite of the limited space. We just have to be creative. And thanks to the genius people who bring the usefulness of magnets to the pots. Look at the magnetic pots below. Don’t they give you some insights?


Colorful Tiny Magnetic Pots

Magnetic Pots


When I first saw these magnetic pots last week from the flower shop somewhere in Vancouver, I realized that I could mount them on our kitchen wall. So far, that’s the best area I spotted in our place. I could plant herbs in them and use when I cook. Isn’t this idea a space saver? What do you think folks?

  9 Responses to “Colorful Tiny Magnetic Pots”


    OMG, this is so cool!!! I want them!!!! :)


    What a brilliant idea!!! I need to get a hold of some, they’d be a great mothers day gift….and I know my mom would just love them!


    aw! I want those! super envy me :(


    Wow, I love how they look! Very cheerful and unique!


    oh wow-those are so cute! What a fun idea!


    These magnetic pots are so fun! Love them!


    Oh.My.Goodness! These are so stinking cool!!! I need them! :)


    I didn’t know that such a cool thing existed. I would love to have lots of them for decorating around the house.


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