Mar 092015

Coming to a totally different country, where people have different values, beliefs and cultures is such a tremendous life challenge to face for me in the beginning. Human, naturally, has each strengths and weaknesses regardless what race, ethnicity he/she come from. Basically, our childhood, the experiences, our surroundings, education and how we individually brought up in this world play a significant factor in our lives.

In terms of environment, in the past years where we decided to relocate to a different country – Canada, and almost everything in me started to transform gradually. What I mean by that is my attitude and perceptions in life are turning positive. Of course with the help of my beloved husband. He was there for me throughout gloomy times. I can say that life is not really easy, but once you have great attitudes you can beat every trials easily.

Life in Canada

For a couple of years living in this foreign land, I have noticed improvements in my internal life and I am so blessed for these changes.


   -I heard this word patience a million times, but so hard to put into action. In this world, not all things can be instantly acquired. It takes time and sacrifices regardless of how small the thing is. Before, I really don’t want to wait, a few weeks or even a day is already so long for me, but I learnt that we certainly don’t have control of all the things around us. What always on my mind was “give it to me now”, “I want it now!” Things on earth don’t work that way! Truly, “Patience is a virtue.”

Becoming Closer to God

Through my hardships, esp. the emotional brings me closer to God. There were times where I almost lose hope, everything was so dark, but God lifted me up through His instruments. And I am so grateful for that! Now I know that whatever trials that would come along the way, I can surpass them with His help. Just have faith to the Lord and everything will be alright.


I am only human, I fell a thousand times or perhaps a million, but I have realized that I have to keep going. I know I wasn’t successful in my previous careers, but it is not the end of my journey. On a day-to-day basis, my husband is my great role model of showing to persevere, I appreciate his determination to succeed. Actually, if we’re going to study the path of the famous successful business people out there, they persevere until they reach the mountains of success.

Learning to Be a Better Cook

Back home, when I was living in the house of my parents, I just used to eat my mom’s cook. Sometimes I bother to cook, but only once in a blue moon. When I started having my own family and have our own house, yet I didn’t care that my cook doesn’t taste good or satisfying. What matters to me was I cook and prepare the food in the table, if too bland then sorry for you, you have to eat my cook food or else be the chef in my kitchen. At times when my husband comes home from Canada, we mostly buy food outside or simply go to the restaurant and eat there. That’s how easy life was back home. However, in Canada, when you always dine in the restaurant, for sure you’ll end up broke or in debt all the time. Well, maybe not if you are rich!

Now that my family is intact, my old insights and doing merely vanished. In fact, I am striving to be the best cook in town, and aspires for kitchen gadgets that would help me mold to the top where I’d like to be one day.  To be honest with you, it took about 20 years for me to like to eat mushrooms. Isn’t that awkward? Since I started cooking, I get more acquainted to a variety of vegetables and spices.

Recognized More the Value of Time

In Canada, I saw how people utilize their time efficiently. I found here the true essence of the saying “Time is Gold.” I started practicing not to waste time watching nonsense TV shows and other nonsense doings that bring nothing beneficial factors to my life. Hopefully back home, those jobless feeling relax people who even no food to serve on the table must realize how precious time is, so they could start moving forward, and not just wait for the Good Samaritans to come down and be spared some of their foods.

Voracious Reader and Hungry for Knowledge

After I finished my college and started getting employed, it was like my world rotates around my job and the urged of earning more money. Learning had no more space for me at that time, which certainly very wrong. Probably I just didn’t realize it because of my need of money. For us to be successful in our career and earn more money, we need to keep improving ourselves through reading. If possible, invest more in education through going back to school and acquire new knowledge which is also part of my plan soon. It would be fun to earn another degree that is unrelated to my previous education.

Folks, I don’t know why I need to come this far just to learn these basic lessons in life, perhaps all these things are just the will of God. I think the important thing is I am not yet too late.

I have more segments that I’d like to share to my readers as a result of coming to Canada; nevertheless, this post seems already long enough, so I decided to have a part 2. Please  comeback guys next time to read the next episode.

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