Mar 192015

I have posted earlier the home reading program with a reward system that I exerted for our kids.  Our 7 year old son just completed his 50th book a few days ago, so as what I have promised to them, I am going to give their picked reward once they fulfilled what has been required by the implemented home reading program. They are both so excited for the final day!

We just went to the closest bookstore and purchased the prize for our son. And here he is holding his chosen item.

Home Reading Program


He loves to play chess and would like to explore further about it.  This one comes with the instructions and the rules in playing chess. As a mother who doesn’t know anything how to play chess, this is also my stepping stone because he wants me to play also with him.  Now I am forced to learn!

Regarding our little girl, she’s still on her journey to the 50th book. By now, I can tell that she’s super excited and always counting the days for her rewarding moment.

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