Feb 192015

I am saying that we are on in-depth search of mattress recently. My husband and I have visited local stores and going through all the normal search process like what other usual buyers do. Our current mattress failed us in giving the comfort that we need after our long daily work routine. Normally spend 1/3 part of our 24 hours in bed on a day-to-day basis, so we truly deserve the so-called right comfort. For us, right comfort means, no aches or pains when we wake up from sleeping. Unfortunately, it seems we are receiving backache every morning and we are absolutely unhappy with that.

How could we start battling the new day if from the time we wake up the backache is distracting us? So new bed please!

Comfortable Mattress

How many years is the lifespan of each mattress?

While doing my research, I found out that the longevity of the mattress varies on the type of mattress. For just regular use, the average lifespan of memory foam is 7 years. But its durability, well, that’s the case that I don’t know.  The rest of the mattress types have a longer or lesser lifespan. Memory foam seems in between compared to those other mattresses. Well, I am not an expert nor possessed enough knowledge about bed mattress, so your input is very much helpful.

Mattress Kind We Want to Have

  1. The one that will give us comfort. No backache or any pain please!
  1. A mattress that will last for several years. Five years or more perhaps.
  1. Medium Firm
  1. Affordable


Ideal Store We Would Like to Buy the Mattress:

  • Offers Free Shipping
  • Gives Longer Night Trials. At least 90 days would be better
  • Provides discount is a very plus factor
  • Offers hassle free return or exchange


Do you have any recommendations the name of the store? If so, please let me know through my Contact button.

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