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Hidden Doors and Secret Passages

In the Pyramids times back thousands of years ago, hidden doors and secret passages were built and used for certain purposes. Consider looking at the infographic below where the noteworthy hidden doors became part of the history.

There is the Great Pyramid of Giza, which begun constructed during 2470 B.C. Its structure has 2.3 Million blocks of stones, and obtains the height of 481.4 feet tall. The King’s Chamber, Queen Chamber and the Grand Gallery are connected by tunnels. Take note, scientists have been unable to determine whether the two narrow shafts held religious significance or lead to a hidden chamber.

Another significant involvement of hidden doors and secret passages aside from the Great Pyramid are as follows:

The 21 Club in New York City- one of the most well-known speakeasies. There were 2,000 wine cases stored in the cellar, hidden behind a camouflaged door. The weight of the cement door that appeared to be a solid wall is 2.5 tons. And despite the number of raids, the police were never able to find any alcohol.

Ann Frank House –  There was a bookcase swung on hinges like a door. The Annex has approximate 500 square feet floor space and its hidden entrance was only 4 feet tall.

Underground Railroad-  The house of Levi and Catherine Coffin in Newport,  Indiana was considered the Grand Central Station of the “Underground Railroad”.  Every room had at least two exit doors to allow for a quick escape, while the attic and small cubbyhole off the bedroom were used as hiding places.


Unseen Passages

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As you have noticed based the history found in the infographic above, the hidden doors and secret passages have served varieties of intents from daring to devious to deadly.

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    I have always loved hidden passages and doors. The blueprints for my dream house include a hidden mancave behind a bookcase door in the library. Excellent infographic!


    I think people have found hidden doors and passageways very exciting. I always wished we had found something like that in our old home , but there is none. Hidden doors make for great twists in a movie or book.


    Well don’t I learn something new every day!


    I always love learning the stories of hidden things. Amazing at how people years ago built things like that. Thanks for the info on more!! :)


    This is very interesting, I know that trap doors served an important role. I remember reading the diary of Anne Frank and remember that they hid in a passage in their house.


    This is SO COOL. I seriously love reading posts like these. Thanks for putting so much research into it.

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