Jan 042015

Telus versus Shaw?

Which one do you think is superior? Is it Telus or Shaw? After several years’ of loyalty of my husband to Telus, he then realized to try something new –the Shaw. I was actually who bugged him to switch to a different internet provider, but due to rumors that Shaw Internet is not really a good choice, especially in the building so it took a while for me to convince him to try Shaw. Just FYI, we are still waiting for their people to show up and hook everything they need to hook up at our apartment. I can’t wait for Wednesday the scheduled date for the installation. Time is getting way slower when you are waiting for something or someone to arrive.

It’s been almost two weeks already that we lost Internet connection at home.  I have Internet on my phone, but due to expensive data cost from my phone provider the Virgin Mobile so I opt not to use it. You know, the providers are just easy to text us telling “Your account will soon be suspended as $ is way overdue. Please pay ASAP!” Are you familiar with that kind of phrase folks? Hmmm… from my provider.

Anyway, hopefully my husband had chosen the right plan from our new Internet provider. He says it’s a bundle like our old set, landline, TV and Internet so I am crossing my fingers for a good overall output.

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