Dec 212014

Kids Christmas Gifts?

The kids certainly love Christmas gifts! It seems they are expecting those this generation. Who do you think don’t? Most of them are likely spoiled to it. During my younger days, I rarely get gifts and if I did, I must work hard for it to receive one like doing great in school or helping the parents doing the household chores. Apparently, life was not easy back then. But what about now?

To tell you, regardless of how easy our life would be, my husband and I agreed that our kids must be deserving of the gifts they receive from us. We explained it to them so they must work for it and if they don’t, absolutely no gifts.

For this year 2014 Christmas, I once  asked our two little ones if what Christmas gift they wanted to receive from us. Their simple answer? Please refer to the images below.


Kids Christmas Gifts



Our son Daniel would be jumping for joy to receive a drum set. He used to have one he was younger, but since we now moved to an apartment we evade such thing anymore as it can truly create too much noise. In addition to the drum set above, he would like also to have these chess and checkers below. Hmmm…


And our daughter? 

There she is pointing to a kid’s guitar. After receiving from us a keyboard on her last birthday, this has now come into her mind. Hehehe.

Kids Guitar

As an option to her first choice, she would be too glad to have Zoomer Zuppies an interactive puppy to be his follower.

Zoomer Personal Puppy

Enjoy shopping for presents everyone! 

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