Nov 012014

The students of Nestor Elementary School had a blast yesterday as they were celebrating Halloween in school.  Kids were on their different Halloween costumes such as scary witches, superheroes, fairies, princess, etc. In the afternoon, after their general assembly at the school gym was followed by a short parade then the relays participated by students in different level.

My kids had so much fan though.

School Halloween Relays

Students Inside the school gym.

School Halloween Relays

My daughter in Grade one level participating the games.



Kids Halloween Costume

Son with his 2014 Halloween Costume. Hmmm… every year he wants a different costume.


Kids Halloween Costumes

My daughter (the very first in the right) with friends.


Halloween 2014 is now part of the past. Hopefully your kids or you personally celebrated it remarkably. By now, honestly our children are already looking forward to the next year’s Halloween as they are so excited what Halloween costume to wear next. lol!

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