Oct 202014

I remember the time I became sick in a foreign land. The high cost of doctors’ professional fee almost ripped my husband’s wallet. The check-up alone cost $80 and in my case that I underwent a laboratory, another fee of $177 for the 13 tests. Unfortunately, the charges didn’t end there folks, to have the doctor detail you the result of the laboratory it is another $80. The money keeps flowing to the doctor’s pocket! I wish I am a doctor! (wink)

Anyway, to add another medical experience, we went to the LifeLabs Medical Laboratory around Lansdowne where so far the worst laboratory service I ever had in BC. The people were complaining why there’s no signage that they will have the slowest service in town! I waited almost two hours just to get the service that I needed. Horrible!

Health Insurance

Anyway, my point why I rant about this doctor’s expenses is I regretted that I didn’t get a Travel Insurance before I traveled.  I should have listened before and availed the important thing that will give us  security when we are in the foreign country. Life is uncertain and that is for sure. To protect the unwanted occurrences in the future, it is advisable to get prepared!

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