Aug 212014

The Birthday girl! Our joy and pride. As always, our child is always thrilled as her age ascends. Well, as you know that it is the children’s  normal feeling. Hmmm.. I think they are just looking forward of what gifts they will receive. Ha ha ha!

Our daughter celebrated her birthday simply but with full of memories. As what she says, “this is my best birthday ever.”  Her birthday outfit was the fairy-mermaid costume I got for a review two months ago from the Anytime Costumes site. She just loves so much the dress.

Six Year Old Girl

To her surprise, I baked the cupcakes not the big birthday cake. Folks, please just don’t mind my cupcake decorating knowledge, I am still learning and besides, I didn’t able to find my cake decorating tools during that time so I only use the ziploc for the icing. I just want it to be different this year for our daughter, so I made the cupcake which unexpectedly turned into a disaster. Actually, I used to prepare her a birthday cake from Marble Slab or DQ, but as what I have said, it’s for a change this year.

So there she is in the images I captured in the memories of her 6th birthday. We love you so much baby!

6th Birthday Celebration


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