Aug 252014

Our daughter’s new toy- the portable Electronic Keyboard.

Our daughter loves music. She loves to sing Celine Dion and Michael Jackson songs using any masterpiece (like hanger, wood stick) as her microphone despite the absence of the real microphone. hehehe! When she does this, I’ll just smile and enjoy taking video or picture of herself.

Electronic Keyboard

Prior to her birthday, we asked her if what she wants as a gift. What she replied was this, “a piano.” Yes, that’s what she wants folks! The heavy and an expensive musical instrument. But not for now. So instead of that, we bought her the portable electronic keyboard which is certainly good for her as a beginner. Since the day she got it, her fingers are always on it. The plan? Soon she’ll be venturing the real learning music lesson as we have the plan of enrolling her in any of the Coquitlam’s nearest music schools.

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