Jun 152014

It is Father’s Day!

My family would like to humbly great all the fathers and father figures throughout the world a “Happy Father’s Day!”. So have you got something for your Dad this Father’s Day? If whatever that gift is, surely he will be happy as he is honored and remembered.

The first image below is the  father of my kids. As his wife, I am so proud of him for being a responsible, hard-working, loving and understanding person. As a father to our kids, he’s truly tough. Thank you honey for being the father of my kids!

Father's Day



And of course to my strict Father below- who molded me for what I am today, I salute and respect you Papa!

Father's Day Images

My father together with his granddaughter (my daughter). Sorry for his photo 


I highly respect and love these two men of my life. My father who taught me the right values, raised us with dignity, educates and disciplined according to his own abilities. And of course, my husband who loves me, continues teaching me, inspires me, support me, and there for me and for our children. Thank you to both of you guys! You two rock my world!

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