Jun 132014

The Teacher Strike

The Teacher Strike in School District 43 led to the unexpected early vacation of students. Prior the strike, we parents received the email from the school principal that the 26th of June is the last day of school. However, due to the Teacher Strike, the students’ recognition, field trips, and other students’ school activities have cancelled.

It is a rotating strike that started two weeks ago for the two Thursdays as no class, then they changed it to Friday, which is supposed to be tomorrow that’s why no class. Today, when I dropped the kids to school, I just found out that it is already the last day of the class. I was truly surprised! The email from the school principal just arrived an hour before the class ends.

Honestly, I felt sad for the result of this activity. It had caused cancellations to the many planned activities, especially the field trips where my kindergarten student was so excited.

Due to the unexpected last day, I didn’t able to buy thank you gift to my kids’ teachers and to their classmates as well. Hopefully, the bargaining at the table will be resolved soon so the Strike will be over also because if not, it might also affect the summer class.


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