Jun 082014

It’s arts time for the kids! I have changed again the home learning schedule for our children and I added more time for doing their arts exploration at home. This time, my daughter manipulated her new play dough, pull it, stick it, trim it and mold it.  Those are what normally to-do with the play dough, isn’t it?

 Now presenting to you her hard work and the fruit of her creativity- the teapots, pretzels in a bowl, fork and an ice cream. She combined the different color of the dough and form a multi-color piece of artwork. Aren’t her artworks wonderful?

play dough

And there she goes, selling her work to me.

Play Dough Pulling

More exploration soon! Thanks for coming by folks, I hope you’ll be having a fruitful day today. In a short while, we’ll be heading to the Aquatic Centre pool since there’s no class today as it is a Professional Day- the teachers don’t go to school.

  3 Responses to “Arts Moment: Daughter Manipulating the Play Dough”


    My kids love using playdoh. They really can use their imaginations!


    Play-doh is a classic that I hope never goes away. Good job on the teapots!


    Your daughter is very creative!

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