May 012014

I am grateful to know that this year’s  French Immersion Kindergarten Teachers exert much effort for their students to learn more in reading and speaking in French. As a mother who’s also learning the language I find it really hard because the grammar is really different to English. Besides, there are numerous rules to follow in order to read and write the words correctly.

Actually, there are tons of resources to study for us to learn French and I could say that we are fortunate that we’re just so close to the Library because there we can borrow both books and DVD’s as part of the learning process.

French Reading Program

Just March my kindergarten student has started taking home French books to practice reading at home. And the book must be returned in the following read and must be read in the class or to their teacher. Isn’t that challenging?  And since the teacher will give a certificate right after reading the book, of course the students get excited to read it every week.

French Poem

These certificates herein are just some of the certificates received by our daughter since the French Reading Program started. To the teachers who are doing their best for their students to learn, I truly salute them.

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