May 212014

It’s My Natal Day!

Today is my natal day! As I continue with my escapade in this ordinary world, I can say that my life is becoming somewhat interesting,  has full of surprises, new challenges and other different spices that makes me feel absolutely alive. Honestly, I never felt like this before.  It seems that as I get older the more I discover something about myself and get realized the true meaning of this life.

To our Heavenly Father – the source of my every strength and the air to breathe in, I am blessed and thankful for giving me the opportunity to experience another year of milestone. It’s truly an honor. And for sending an instrument to me so I could return to His right path, to serve Him more and to learn more about Him is such a great opportunity.

Of course to my wonderful husband- who is always there for me to understand, preach and enlighten my mind whenever I fall in the wrong direction. Hopefully he won’t feel tired with this very significant role in my life. His birthday card and a bouquet of flowers on my birthday certainly made me feel special. Thanks honey.

beautiful birthday card

       Birthday Gretings

From our two little kiddos who always make my hands full when they’re with me, this beautiful musical birthday card is what I got from them. Aren’t they so sweet?

Birthday cards

I got also a call from my parents in the Philippines, extending their warm birthday greetings and wishes. To my parents who are always there for me whenever I need a help regardless of its kind- thank you so much Ma and Pa. I know I owed my life to you.

Other than the mentioned above, I received online and offline greetings from Google, Social Networking sites, friends, new acquaintance, etc.  Thanks to all of them.

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