Apr 082014

Spring is over and spending with those two weeks with the kids was super busy like a bumble bee.  I run errands here and there and seems only during the night was my rest time. Well, do I have the rights to complain? You tell me!

As part of their spring break activity, they joined the Designing the Superhero Cape held at the Library, which I thought at first that they will be the one to make their own everything from scratch, but it wasn’t that way. Instead, the facilitators gave them the half cut of the garbage bag, then let every kid choose the printed Superhero Logo / sketches and have the kids colored, cut it then glued to the cape.


So the image above is my son, photographed by one of the facilitators inside the event room and just send the image to me like what they did to the rest of the parents. And below is my daughter who joined too in the fun.


This event sponsored by the local Library is absolutely free and that’s the best thing in there. I hope they’ll have more activities to come aside from their regular reading program which is also being held in the Library.

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