Apr 042014

Our daughter was so glad when she got her Cinderella Book that she ordered last March from Scholastic. The book entitled A Royal Wish comes with the magic wand that will light and creates sounds. I find it a kind of interactive because the wand has a role in the story, if when the reader can use it.

Daughter is happy with this book, but I find the wand annoying sometimes because even a little move it creates a sound. 

Disney Cinderella Storybook

One time, she attempted to bring the magic wand to the school, which is a big NO because absolutely it can cause a distraction in the classroom. Bringing of toys into the school is completely not permitted, but as you know there are kids who will really insist and  fuss over it. As you know the kid will act as a kid and it depends to the parents if they let their children rule over them.

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