Mar 152014

This week, is the last week before the students will hit the spring break. The two weeks school off is surely long enough for the kids to stay home without doing some outside activities.  So let’s think of some fun activities that would make them busy, and most of all release their energy while learning something new. Being a mother of two, oh yes, I am super excited with the upcoming spring break.

Now, let me enumerate some of the ideas where to go/what to do during the spring break:

Spring Break Camp – In here, they usually do arts, sports, science, cooking, etc. With regard to the cost, based on my inquiries                                                        around Coquitlam, the lowest price is $124/child excluding tax, and the camp is good for 5 days Monday                                                              through Friday 9am-3pm.

Library Free Events – In the closeby Library, where we’re located, they will be having Lego Galore, Superhero Cape                                                                         Designing, Family Story Time, Pokemon TCG Tournament, and a lot more. Simply visit your local library                                                     and ask some info about their events for the kids.

Enroll in Outdoor Activities- like swimming, arts, drawing, martial arts, ballet, music lessons, skating, etc.

Mall Free Kids Event-  Visit/research about your closeby mall free kids events.

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