Mar 092014

I admit, we still need more furniture for our apartment. Moving from one home to another is very stressful, especially if you have a lot of things to relocate, and I’ve been in the scenario not only three times so I really know. Since we moved to our recent apartment we didn’t buy a lot of stuff right away because we have no plan yet before of staying longer here, but now that we’re clear with our plans, it’s time for us to pursue in getting more furniture. So then it is shopping time! We are hoping that the next time we move it would be our own house.

Last Sunday, the whole family was busy strolling around for the furniture clearance search. First, we visited the furniture wholesaler store in the Maple Ridge named Furniture Clearance Center. In fairness, they have a good quality furniture, and speaking of the price, I could say that they are cheaper compared to the other Canadian furniture stores. We visited a couple of stores after there then we went home thinking the right thing to do, if which is which. Anyway, thanks for dropping by folks I hope you’ll end up with a wonderful weekend!

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