Mar 122014

Our daughter has a curly hair as you can see in the images below. Combing her hair everyday, particularly before going to school consumes too much of my time. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t have enough time to detangle her hair, like in the moment of waking up late, we are rushing every minute which sometimes led to a chaotic morning. My husband has seen my struggle with our daughter’s hair, and in fact, when he is at home, he is the one who mostly comb our daughter’s hair. With the help of hair conditioning, leave on hair stuff, etc., hair styling makes a bit easier and consumed lesser time.

My husband has told me before many times that she’ll bring our daughter to the professional hair stylist to have her hair braided, and guess what I have responded right away. “No way! The salon is very expensive! You just give the money to me and I’ll braid her hair.” I uttered. And he responded, “you have no more time, you are so busy.” Anyway, to make the story short my husband is true and actually I am still struggling with my time-management, although I am doing different strategies; name them, the to do list, reminders, daily schedule, etc. The issue is I am only good in the beginning, sustaining is so hard to do. Well, what do you think are the best tactics to keep up with the good flow?

Beautiful Tiny Braided Hair

As soon as our daughter gets home from the salon together with her dad, I counted the braids, and there are 32 of them. Hmm…. Not much? I spoke to the hair stylist of my daughter a week before she braided her hair regarding the proper care for the braids to last longer. At night, before going to bed, I wrap my daughter’s hair with a scarf, and I give her hair a wash once a week. During no hair wash days, I applied her hair something to condition her hair.

braided hair

Salon Braided hair

For now, it’s been 2 weeks since she got her hair braided. By the way without a hair extension, my husband paid $60 to the hairstylist who did a great job on our daughter’s hair. And it took more than 2 hours for her to finish the job. HmmmI couldn’t imagine what my daughter has murmured to her.

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