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It was last year when the kids had their last visit. Their dental insurance coverage surpassed the annual limit so I wasn’t able to have finished their tooth filling session prior the year ends. Per tooth filling is costly, about $370 and paying the entire price from your personal pocket seems very painful to realize. My son has 1 more to go while my daughter has 2. This month of February is the kids very first meeting with their dentist once again.

After the uncomfortable moments with the previous tooth filling due to the anesthesia, our kids now seem nervous. Proper care of the teeth, especially at their young age is very important, well, blame to the tons of candies! 

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My daughter had a lot of cavities before the dentist perform the filling. I was the one who felt so nervous watching the dentist performed the necessary steps to our kids’ dental problem. But thanks to God, they’re almost over it. This coming March will be their last filling, last week for this month’s session was the cleaning and dental x-ray for my daughter.

As a mother, supervision of our youngsters in brushing and flossing their teeth is a must unless you want to spend thousands of money to the dentist trip and not only that, seeing our children going through the pain at their young age is a huge guilt to us as parents because such problem can be avoided.

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