Jan 062014

A few days ago hubby and I went to the nearby Ikea outlet to see what’s on sale.  I am eyeing for bookshelf for the kids because I am tired seeing their books all over the house – on chair, floor, etc. Our current apartment is not that spacious so every furniture must be measured very well to fit in. Besides, it must be considered to bring into our future own house. There were numerous sizes of bookshelves we found at the store we visited, but based on my budget and needs which are the most important factors, I consider this bookshelf design below.


I think this bookcase above is perfect for our 5 and 6 y.o. students. We don’t want to get tall ones because they might climb up on it and it is very unsafe you know. How I wish we could screw if we’ll get a taller case but unfortunately not as we don’t own the place, for sure we don’t want to spend a lot of money for the fixing once we’ll move out in time.

Anyway, my ideal bookshelf to be found in our future library is a built-in one, like the one below. Is your case folks is in the same size as this image below?

wall bookcase

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    […] Taking pictures while on the window shopping is my usual routine while inside the store. It is just hard to resist seeing eye tearing stuff  displayed on the rock (like these vases above) while I have no plan or budget to buy any of them. Window shopping is really tempting you know, but I love such human activity. This year I have made a New Year Resolution that I am going to minimize window shopping because it looks like I wasted too much time last year. Despite of the time wasted, lately, these lovely vases were caught in the act of my four year old Sony Camera at Ikea store while wandering around eyeing for bookcases for the children. […]


    Ikea has some great stuff. I really love their bookcases and their organization stuff. They also have great prices on most of their items too.

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