Dec 282013

wood easel for kidsAfter all the search and canvass of prices, I finally able to take home the easel for the kids. Although not the best style, look or sturdy as I wanted to buy, but it certainly satisfies my needs for the meantime. To last it for a while, maybe about two to three years of life span I will be very grateful enough for the worth. With its original price of $69.00, I only paid $27 including the tax which is I considered a pretty good deal after all the effort I spent for it.

The kids easel I bought is a 3-in-1 style. It comes with a chalk board, whiteboard and a roller paper holder. In the box it also comes with the bins which I find it very useful for the kids’ stuffs like crayons, chalks or whatsoever. This product has a sentimental value to me. Why? Because from the store ( 20 mins walk) I lifted it all the way to home with the kids beside me complaining that I walked too slow. They didn’t just realized how hard for me to walk with a heavy thing on my hand. **Sigh**

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    […] realized that I need more props for the kids as we go further with our home lessons. I need a new easel for the kids. I used to have it in the Philippines like the one in the image since hubby brought one from Canada […]

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