Oct 292013

Thomas Kinkade is an iconic artist who portrayed scenic villages, floral still life images and other scenes from a unique perspective. Kinkade became a household name in the United States when his paintings became more accessible through mass printed calendars and screen printed images that were affordable and flexible enough for a wide range of décor themes in the home. The appeal of Kinkade’s work has lasted well into the 21st century with many of his images still available after the artist’s death in 2012.


Artwork can turn a basic, neutral room into a cozy and inviting showcase to share with family and friends. If you are looking for the perfect piece of art for your living space, you can begin your search online. For example, you can buy Thomas Kinkade paintings at TexasArtDepot.com for reasonable prices. Look for signed and numbered paintings if you want to make an investment in your art pieces, or you can opt for prints if you want to have beautiful paintings to decorate your home without overspending. Classic paintings that are well-loved by many is an investment that you can display in your home for an extended time, especially when you opt for a piece of art that truly speaks to you.
photo credit: http://linksempire.com

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    That painting is gorgeous! Paintings with houses and gardens are my favorite. Reminds me so much of the countryside. :)


    I love these paintings.Thank you

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