Oct 222013

Computer technology has permeated practically every aspect of human life, from shopping to socializing. In fact, not only has computer technology affected multiple aspects of the human experience, but it has also found its way into the life of animals and pets. Many pet owners have found new and innovative ways of training or protecting their pets, and many of these ways incorporate some aspect of modern technology. Training collars, for instance, have made great strides in their construction, with more and more of these collars becoming much safer and more effective. Some pet collars may also contain computerized censors that aid in the monitoring of heart beat and calories burned.


Although not necessarily exciting for the pet, this can help owners monitor their dog or cat’s health over time. These monitors also provide direct feedback to their vet to help in obtaining a personalized health plan or diet for their lifestyle. Computerized litter boxes have also become increasingly popular among cat owners. These litter boxes have a timing component which cleans the litter box at a specific time during the day. This can aid busy owners and sensitive-stomached owners alike. Feeding bowls have also become reconstructed for the digital age. Some feeding bowls can deposit a specific amount of food or water at various times of the day. This can also help owners provide a balanced caloric diet for their pets, especially if they are having trouble with their weight.

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