Oct 182013
This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just want to impart to my readers the easiest method to redesign home windows and patio doors through a smart tool called Royal Virtual Remodeler. Earlier today, I was having so much fun modifying the home photo I found online. From windows, roof, house trim, and the siding of the house, I played all of them.

With the courtesy of Royal Building Products, homeowners have now the chance to visualize their home renovation plan. In this way, homeowners have the opportunity to see if what particular design, color and type of product they must use in the project so it will look attractive as it is the primary reason of home renovation.   

I would like you to have a glimpse of the first image found below. The 2ndimage is the so called improvement using the Royal Virtual Remodeler tool.  I think I achieved a better look of the house in just a matter of minutes. As you can see I have changed the patio door, roof, trim  and the windows. As a matter of fact, homeowners have a variety of vinyl patio doors and windows to choose from on their site.

Patio Door

To use the tool is so easy. For example you want changes to your own patio door. What you need to do first is create or register for an account. Next is upload your own image so you can start working on it. Then finally click the patio door and choose your desired design and color which will appear on their site. 

However, if you only want to choose an image from their site as you have no project yet and just curious how the system works, then kindly refer to the steps below.

  1. Select a Product Category. Your options a.) Siding b.) Window c.) patio door
  2. Choose whatever house available you may like to visualize.
  3. Using your mouse click the patio door in the image and as soon as the pop-up appear you may choose the design from the Profile and its color.

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