Sep 172013

I am having fun pulling out my son’s baby teeth for the 2nd time around. Though a bit nerve shaking, but as a mother I felt a hero afterwards. hehehe. Just feeling a dentist. lol! It seems I am addicted pulling out now. I pulled out already 4 baby teeth of my daughter at her age of 5, all in front. She was so brave and I found that impressive. Unlike my son that I have to chase him first, pray, bribe and other tricks just for me to allow tying his loose teeth. In his case I found it frustrating, but I need to deepen my patience for him as I remember that I was like him during my age. I was also a chicken back those years. lol!

In the 2nd time, what I did was said to him that I will give him $2 when it is a success. The poor boy who can seldom hold money became very excited. He said, “really mommy you’ll give me $2? What can I buy with that $2? I want to buy 2 racing cars.”  The mother replied, “sure you can buy 2 racing cars but at Dollarama!” lol! Of course I’ll be the one to shoulder the tax. Then I searched $2 in my purse and handed it to him prior the operation. lol!

Hurriedly, I get the floss and started the game. He gave me hard times but really different if there’s money involves. My son has 2 more loose teeth to be pulled. I told him to wiggle them more often so they will just fall out easily.

The reason I was forced to pull out son’s 2 teeth was because there are already teeth started growing behind them. In the future he will need braces or as an option starting from now he’ll do the massaging of those misaligned teeth so will move in front. I did this technique before on my days and thanks to God I have well aligned teeth. I don’t wear braces even up to now. So I told son to do the same thing.

So how about you mommies, are you willing to share your kids baby teeth experience? Had you also pulled them out or you just wait until they all fall out by themselves?

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