Aug 202013
Today is the very special day of my daughter, as it’s the day she was brought here in this beautiful world. Another candle has been added to her birthday cake today. She is so glad about it. We can tell that because of the spark of her eyes.

Now that she’s officially five-year-old, she’s also officially a kindergarten student. Yepey!!! Soon she’ll be back to the school routine waking up early in the morning to get ready on weekdays from dawn to dusk. hahaha!

At her age and a year before, she showed already contradictions especially in choosing what clothes to wear and in some other type of things. Actually, sometimes it also leads us to argument as she wants to exist on the things she wants. Folks, if you are a mother I’m sure you know what I mean. Whew! Parenting is getting tougher as our kids are getting older.

To our lovely daughter Dhurianne Angela Aquira, mom and dad love you very much baby. Tons of hugs and kisses for you always.


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