Aug 312013
It’s been a while since I gave no update to this blog. Actually not only to this blog but the rest of my blogs that I maintained. The reason behind my hiatus was due to my personal health and the time for my family. I was sick and can’t sustain staying longer in front of the computer. Besides I needed a peaceful mind for me to think thoroughly towards life’s matters. My mind became cluttered and bothered in the past weeks that even focusing to the simplest thing was almost unmanageable.

I have lots of topics to rant when I officially get back. So watch for that! The class opening for this year will be on Tuesday so I’ll be busy once again from dawn to dusk with the students. Both of our children will be full time in the school and I am so excited how would that go. The most challenging part for me is my continuous learning of French like my little learners. I need to get more materials for this life’s episode.

Anyway, no matter how busy my schedule would be in the future I’ll try my very best to continue updating my blogs. Thanks for coming by folks, I hope to see your shadows next time.

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