Jul 082013
Every Wednesday the  3rd week of the month there’s an educational activity held at the Coquitlam Mall for children. Sometimes when I get a time I bring our kids there to have fun. Every month is different, like Math, Arts and so on. For the last time we went over, it was an Arts and perfect that summer was approaching at that time.

There were several private establishments giving flyers for summer programs. A lot of options here around Coquitlam. You just choose where you want to enroll your kids then pay. The image below where my son is dealing is the painting. He let the car roll over back and forth in the piece of paper till it gets very messy. The messy lover really enjoying what he did.

And after getting dizzy rotating and had hands-on with the different arts activities at that moment they have told me to go home then but of course with their goodies from the sponsors. They both handling plastic bags on the way to home filled with art supplies. As kids receiving stuffs of course the happiness was there. More freebies to come next time! lol!

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