Jun 062013
Although this post is a bit late but as what they often say better late than never. This year’s Mother’s Day was so remarkable to me as my whole family flocked together- we were complete! In 6 years of being a mother, this was the first time hubby was with us on Mother’s Day. Could you imagine that?

What We Did on Mother’s Day?

This day has been celebrated in a simple way, my family went out for dinner in the restaurant close by. As expected the restaurant was full and people were on the waiting list for available spots. Although hubby made the reservation but still we have to wait, that’s the way it is.

A couple of shots were captured in memory of this special day. (Please see below)

Yours truly with the 2 kids. (Never mind my shiny face, fats just slapped on my face) lol!

(Above) Hubby with the kids.

Bouquet of Flowers

    Flowers from my dear husband. -Thanks hon! Just keep going. 

Personalized Card

I got this greeting card above from my kindergarten son. He handed it right away to me when he got home from school. How sweet and thoughtful! -Thanks Kuya! 
So that is how I spent Mother’s Day 2013. What about yours? Would you mind sharing it in the comment below?

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