May 302013
Sinister Diesel is an aftermarket company that manufactures reputable diesel performance products for Ford, Dodge, and GM Trucks. The company’s goal is to be the best supplier possible for quality parts that will outlast any other. Reflective of the Sinister Diesel company name the signature metallic blue was nicknamed sinister blue by the founders. It is the color of almost every part they manufacture.

Trust each part to perform because they are proudly manufactured in house and are backed with a lifetime guarantee. The diesel parts industry gained the Sinister Diesel brand when founders Brian George and Michael Mitchell decide to share their vision of how a diesel part should perform. The two decided on the name Sinister because it characterizes the spirit of diesel truck owners and their tendency to lean towards a rebel attitude. That attitude and dedication have made Sinister Diesel a fast growing trusted manufacturer of parts for your diesel vehicle.

EGR cooler delete kits, stainless steel up-pipes, intake elbows, and several head gasket choices comprise a very short list of the many available products Sinister manufactures. All parts come with detailed instructions for ease of installation. Customer service representatives are readily available for questions or help about your or installation. You can conveniently order your parts from Sinister Diesel at

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