May 302013

I am so grateful that our internet in the house is already reconnected after weeks of waiting. It was hard though not to have it. I was already determined to work online and do some learning that interest me most- like designing and so on but it was abruptly distracted due to some reasons that are beyond my control.

Whew! I am over with that hiatus. Although our internet is back there’s one part of the world that makes me so busy- and that is finding the solution how to fix the annoying fan of the laptop I’ve been using. It has been acting weird lately when I kept transporting it from home to the library, but it shouldn’t be the cause behind this issue. 

Noisy Laptop Fan

The fan of my laptop is so noisy every time I turn the laptop on. The worst thing is it doesn’t stop working now unless I turn the computer off. Days after I started noticing it was not this bad. I became quiet after a while then make again the noise. Isn’t it that weird? Have you experienced this folks?

Compressed Duster Not the Solution

I made research regarding the solution as I don’t want yet to head directly to the technician of NCIX located block away as I went there the last time consulting my laptop won’t charge but when I get there it was just fine and charging. hahaha! Perhaps I was just panicking as I don’t want my online work gets interfere. lol! Now, as mostly advice online is to dust the computer once experience a noisy fan, so I bought the duster from NCIX store cost CA$7.99 plus tax. Well, it’s cheaper than Bestbuy and Futureshop.

I read the label and follow the instructions on how to use the duster then start the mission of removing the dust from the laptop. Tested it quickly after the cleaning but unfortunately no improvement. The bee still keep buzzing around me. So annoying and distracting me much! I can’t think.

Further Solutions Tried

  • I followed HP advice for my particular hp model but couldn’t locate the HP Tools. I google it and download but I don’t know it doesn’t work. So frustrating.
  • Updated the BIOS and tested the hardware but no luck yet.
  • Set the Fan to Disable but still keeps on going so I turn it back on as not the solution
I really wanted to open all the back portion of the laptop by myself but have the fear that I might can’t assemble it back, so more trouble.

What’s really the Best Recourse?

Visit the technician? or buy first the cooling fan?


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