May 062013

Being a parent and at the same time a full time worker is indeed difficult to balance especially if there are loads of tasks from work which need to send before the given time frame. Although some of us can manage their time being the best in both worlds, still for others, it’s hard to do. But despite it, there are still ways on how one can manage their time efficiently.

To be practical is one of the outlooks mostly parents focus on. However, we all should not forget to take some of our time to spend it with our family. Thus, to manage our time is the best we can do.

If you are working full time, sure this may be difficult but after all it is a fulfilling experience you could ever have.

As much as possible, right after you work, plan for a short activity where you and your family could spend together. In this way, although it’s just a short time at least you manage to update them despite of your hectic schedule.

Forex Brokers have rest day, sure you do too! If it’s not Saturday perhaps, that would be Sunday or both for sure. During this free day of yours, make time out of it. Plan for a one day vacation wherein you and the whole family could get enjoy.

If you can’t manage to spend with them with your presence, updating them through the means of technology nowadays is the best alternative to do. Contacting them via text or call or even sending them email or personal message online is just some of the forms of technology these days which you can use.

There are plenty of ways on how you can reach your family despite of your hectic schedules. But one of the things you should never forget is that; have at least lunch or dinner together with them. Fa-MEAL-y is the best way to communicate and update them.

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