Apr 142013
I am grateful to share that our 4 year old daughter is not wetting her bed anymore. It was early this year when I decided to officially win her over in using pull-ups at bedtime. You know it is very expensive. Although I have read that some children are still wearing pull-ups till the age of 7 but that’s a big No No for us- besides we’re on cost-cutting lately. 
As a mother I gave myself a challenge and fortunately I succeeded. Do you want to know what I did? The steps below are basically what I did and up to now still implementing it except the last one since it’s not necessary anymore.

  • No more giving too much liquid (such as milk, juice and water) 2 hours prior bedtime. 
  • Send her to the bathroom to pee before going to bed. 
  • Wake her up in the middle of the night and bring to the bathroom to pee.

During the early implementation, among the 3 tactics, waking my child up at midnight was the hardest part for me so sometimes accidents in bed happen. Although I had an alarm but hearing its loudest sound still didn’t work on me.
Anyway, thanks to God I settled with this parenting stage. Goodbye to wetting nights then as she’s officially dry in the morning.

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