Apr 232013
This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m sure you are familiar with Royal Building Products company- a subsidiary of Georgia Gulf Corporation. The said company manufactures and distributes materials for the home remodeling, building and municipal construction markets.
Royal Building Products operates throughout North America, and with over 40 years of existence, its commitment to producing quality products, continuous innovation and good customer relationship has attracted the loyalty of a growing number of building professionals, architects, engineers and homeowners.
With its never-ending innovation in both products and services, it is impressive to know that the company came up with an amazing tool- the Virtual Remodeler that helps homeowners chose new vinyl siding styles and colors by simply allowing them to visualize options. Homeowners can upload their own home photo or just use the stock homes found on the website. This awesome tool is really wonderful as any homeowners can design and play with the different styles and colors before buying the product.
Actually just a while ago I gave myself a try to manipulate my dream home using the Virtual Remodeler. I was having fun as there were 6 vinyl siding styles and numerous colors available. Perhaps your mind is wondering if how easy to use the tool. Well, the answer for that is so easy just like adding 1+1 that even my kindergarten son can do it.
So folks, now that I have tried myself using the Virtual Remodeler, I am inviting you to visit the website of Royal so you can try it yourself and see how easy and efficient the tool is. Have fun!

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