Apr 252013
I jumped into a meditation book “The Healing Power of Mind” from a Parenting despite of not reaching the last chapter. The reason behind? My mind needs enlightenment!
The author of this book Tulku Thondup outlines a means toward healing not just body, mind, and spirit, but the heart as well. As such, this healing path is a spiritual practice, a way to transform our very lives.

You know, as I go along every word of this book my mind is truly enlightened. Although I am not totally over yet with all the pages, but I already started harvesting the benefits of reading it. Thanks to the Coquitlam Public Library for having this meaningful book in their collections.
Once I’ll be done reading this I promise to my readers to share the most inspiring thoughts that absorbs to my very deepest heart. As of now please just hang on around.

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