Apr 102013
I have lots of things to blog about but due to my health condition I couldn’t do what I really wanted to do. There were days and even weeks that some of my blogs have no more updates and I felt sad about it. I prioritize only those paid articles and other earning task since I need money. Despite of my bad physical condition I am pushing through the best I can, even in the presence of migraine and other body pains I did my thorough thinking with the part of the head blinking. So far, no back job from my advertisers and I am thanking God for that as if so it would be the cause of more pain to me.
It seems I feel a little bit better now so slowly I will do my usual blogging routine. In fact I am planning of pursuing my contest blog that has been left behind for years. Could you believe that years? Yes, since I lost my appetite in it due to some personal reason, but now that I realized something it seems time for it to rise and do its work online. So more work then waiting ahead of me. 

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