Mar 022013

Hi folks! As we know, variety of online games are already flooding on the internet. Both adults and kids are enjoying it as a pastime but sad to say that others get hooked to it especially the kids. Well, in a case like this parents’ supervision is really a must. They know already what’s best for their children.

I don’t play online games actually but I have friends who always invite me to play. I never got the time yet as my hands are always full from home to online. Recently one of  my friends introduced to me the funny escape game as her son is into it sometimes after school. I did not bother to let any of my kids to play it because I know the result, once they like it they will keep bugging me to let them play. As early as now no for addicting game to my children as I want them to focus on their studies. 

Anyway, before I’ll be off to bed in a few minutes I’d like to share that my 4 year old daughter uttered the phrase thanks to a pizza slice mommy, it made my stomach so big! The point is I got surprise because she doesn’t like eating pizza. Maybe the one I made today taste better than I baked before. 

  10 Responses to “Will You Let Your Kids Play Online Games for Pastime?”


    I think educational online games should be ok but should be kept at a minimum.


    It depends, there a re educational online games naman that kids can play, but those featuring action scenes, no way. Baka maging goon pa apo ko.


    I think I will, we will play together bec. im a big online gamer myself too.. hehehe.. but it might change, who knows.


    I may allow them depending on the type of an online game. Control is needed in this matter. They tend to spend long hours when not attended and monitored.


    i would, but there should be an agreement between you and them. We should let them understand that above any leisure’s study must be in priority.


    my daughter and my husband is addicted to playing games though my daughter mostly watch cartoon movies and nick jr games to her tablet. I put limitation with everything for her and make sure we have like a tight family bonding everydayxx


    I don’t play online games.I find it boring ,not my type .I rather stay on FB. MY kids are into something that will benefit them or educate them.

    Your daughter knows how to appreciate mommy. that is music to out ears.


    For pastime? Yes. But my kids are allowed to use internet for weekends only. Study first.


    If I’m the parent, I’d let them play only for the experience of it. Depending which type, these online games can actually enhance problem solving and analytical skills. The issue is overdoing it, which, as parent, we should be able to control. As they say, All work and no play makes Jack dull and grey. Of course we want our kids to study, but it’s good to give them a break.


    In moderation.. play online game with your kids :)

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