Mar 172013
Our son had his physical examination in the school where he attended weeks ago. For the result, the examiner sent us a letter recommending to bring our son to an Optometrist for the eye check-up. Upon knowing that I was a bit worried for him. To make cleared what’s playing on both hubby and my mind we set an appointment for son to the close by clinic. 
I took pictures of my son despite of my shaking nerves. Different unexplained emotions slapped on me while seeing him undergoing all the procedures. Of course I don’t want to see him wearing yet an eyeglasses at his very young age. 
Anyway, here below are some of the photos captured.

                       The first step: Son with the co-Filipino doctor’s secretary. 

                            2nd Step:   ( Above) Son reading the numbers. Thanks God he able to read correctly.

(image above) The last procedure while waiting for the doctor’s overall eye check-up.

After letting him read the tiny objects and other procedures the result came. And? Thanks God our son’s eyes are fine. According to the doctor maybe he was just uncomfortable with the examiner during the school physical check-up. You know the torn has been removed from my face after hearing the doctor’s words. 

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    i started wearing eyeglasses when i was 11, mostly because of my parents’ genes. I am nearsighted from my father and slight astigmatism from my mother.

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