Mar 152013
I remember the very first time I played solitaire. It was during my freshmen time when I began to journey the computer programming course. I was wondering why I took the course where in fact I have no computer to practice at home and besides I have no idea what I was undertaking. Everything seemed only a game like venturing magic towers solitaire and card games and solitaire

By the way are you a fond of playing solitaire? Back in the old days solitaire is a very known game played by both men and women. If I am not mistaken only card games during those old days but as days and technology evolves now has variety of solitaire to gobble.

Now how to play the solitaire? Solitaire games have different instructions to follow. For the magic towers solitaire, the objective of this game is to remove all the cards from the layout by clicking on the next card that is either higher or lower in sequence. You can use an Ace as either a high or low card or both. A 2 and a King can be placed on them. If you find that you are stuck and have no available moves from the cards featured on the deck you can play a wild card at any time. Then you cannot make move, click Next card to obtain a new card. And if you run out of cards as well as the moves and cannot move on in any way, then the Game is over!

Again as what just said each game has different rules or instructions to follow in order to enjoy the essence of the game. So just be a good follower. 

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