Feb 102013
Two weeks ago was the giving of Good Stuff Award of Nestor Elementary School. I am proud to announce that my kindergarten student received an award in a form of certificate. Husband and I are so impressed with his performance in school. In the first few months of school opening I was a bit worried actually of my son since last September class opening was his first school year here in Canada. I know there are major and minor adjustments that he must face, but as a kid and he’s a bit advance of learning since he went to school in the Philippines at the age of 2 1/2 y.o. I know he can easily adjust with the new atmosphere. 
Son has a long way to learn French language and so do I so I’ll be able to assist him in his French Immersion class. Anyway, enough for that mumbling, below is the certificate of son’s “Good Stuff Award.”

To our son Daniel “We are so proud of you!”

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