Feb 062013
Like any other normal human being, I aspired of living in a spacious and stunning house house surrounded with calm blue water. Plus the spacious well-maintained landscape yard, with beautiful grasses is another breathtaking panorama that I could ever imagine. I truly love spending time outdoor with my family especially during summer that there are numerous activities that we could do unlike during winter so limited because of the freezing weather. 
It is very well said to me above about my ideal place to live in. For now that this thing is purely dangling in the air, just allow me to share a visual example what is really in my thought- the image below.

Who doesn’t want to wake up early in the morning and enjoy the beauty offers outside this house? Isn’t it splendid? Sun bathing under the sun after ascending from the pool is what I’ve been longing for so long.

If given a chance of location change, where do you want to relocate? Have you ever thought of leaving your urban place and go for a peaceful place far from a daily traffic routine in the high-way? Either moving for good or just vacation I realized that Fort Lauderdale Beach is one place to consider. For property seeker there is Fort Lauderdale Sothebys Realtor willing to help and assist property buyers to the right place suitable for their needs and budget.

I went over to the property listing on their website and I found those properties so impressive. Later today I will explore more listings and have a look at the inside views of the houses. By the way, below image is one of the listings inside view of the house that I admired most.
[image from www.susanrindley.com]

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